in Uganda

About this website…

Hi there!

You are most welcome to this web-service.
Here at in Uganda we are hosting several sub-domains.
In case you are interested in a sub-domain, please contact us and we will be happy to host you.

Presently we are hosting the following sites:

  • novo
    NOVO is a distribution company based in Tororo.
  • kimbilio
    Kimbilio Schools is a Christian Comprehensive School Campus based in Tororo.
    It was started as a charity to help orphans but has grown in to a private academic institution which include:
    • -Pre-Primary Education & Day-Care
    • -Primary Education
    • -Secondary Education
    • -Professional Education
  • icm
    International Christian Ministries is a Christian Organization based in Tororo
    The are part of an international network of organizations providing:
    • Theological Training
    • Leadership Training
  • kids-on-fire
    Kids On Fire is the name of a children’s camp organized to:
    • Provide a great fellowship for children in their long school holiday
    • Equip children to live out their christian faith in the midst of challenges
  • cor.koelewijn
    Cor Koelewijn is a Technical Missionary to the orphans of Uganda
    This is his personal blog-site
    Oh… and he is the founder of this web-service 🙂
  • multi-media-church
    Multi Media Church is an Open Source Projection software package
  • paws
    Php Application Work-Shop is an Open Sourced Administrative Database Management Package
  • good-samaritan-clinics
    Good Samaritan Clinics is an initiative of Nurse Enid
  • tororo
    Tororo is a Town in the East of Uganda
  • cities
    A listing of cities in Uganda.
    Each City Page Lists activities and sub-pages
  • kateregga-isaac
    A personal blog-site
  • naona
    A personal blog-site